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Business loans and commercial finance play a significant role in shaping your business plans. However, navigating the complexities of various options available in the market can be challenging. That’s where Pure Accounts & Management Ltd steps in to help you understand the nuances of mortgages and property investment processes, enabling your success.

While we cannot directly advise you on business decisions, we provide comprehensive details about the available options, equipping you with the information necessary to make well-informed choices.

The financial experts taking the stress out of finance

In today’s financial landscape, UK businesses are presented with a plethora of finance solutions from banks and lenders. However, for many of our clients in Slough, the diverse terms, conditions, and features of each mortgage and loan can be overwhelming, making it challenging to make the right choice. As commercial finance brokers, we excel at simplifying the complexities, providing you with a clear view of the most suitable option for your investment type and future objectives.

Your options, made simple

Let’s have a chat and find the right approach for you. The choice of mortgage depends on your unique circumstances. At Pure Accounts & Management Ltd, our role is to assess which options may best align with your desired investment outcome.

Taking your current situation into account, we will explore the available business loans and mortgages in the market, assisting you in securing the most favourable rates and terms. Our aim is to enable you to see a swift return on your investment. Let’s discuss and strategise for your success.

Choose your type of finance / mortgage

As business finance experts, we know our stuff so you don’t have to. Here are just some of the mortgages available in today’s market:


  • Development finance: Ideal for initiating new-build or refurbishment projects, this loan helps you kickstart your endeavors.
  • HMO finance: Unlock cash flow for your upcoming projects.
  • Buy-to-let mortgages: Tailored for leasing your property, we ensure you meet the criteria and comprehend the legalities associated with this funding option.
  • Bridging finance: A short-term solution to bridge funding gaps during emergencies or budget shortfalls.
  • Leasehold finance: Perfect for those seeking to purchase commercial buildings for resale, rentals, leaseholds, refinancing, or raising equity in commercial properties.

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